How to prevent yourself from hidden marketplaces

With the amazing product you have, it’s not weird that a lot of people are interested. Sadly, not only is your product bought a lot directly from you, some people also try to benefit from you by selling it on a different marketplace. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as vintage shops have been a thing for a very long time now, but for some product it’s illegal to be resold. Luckily, this illegal selling can be prevented from happening if you know how to scan the internet for hidden marketplaces. We’ll explain you more about this!

What is a hidden marketplace?

We all know about the different marketplaces that can be found online: of course every big company has a web shop, but popular second-hand websites like Ebay, Amazon and so on have been a thing for a good while too. These places are very popular and of course also completely legal. When something is sold there, that’s not supposed to be sold, the product gets taken down immediately, making illegal reselling extremely hard.

Sadly, there is a solution to this problem: hidden marketplaces. These marketplaces aren’t located on the internet, but on the dark web. This makes it a lot harder for you to prevent yourself from reselling, as the dark web is used completely anonymous. There are no rules on the dark web, so if someone goes on there to sell your products and/or ideas, there’s basically no one stopping them. If they manage to find someone that is interested, your product gets sold for a different price than you sell it for, which means they earn a nice bit of money.

How to prevent yourself

Dark web monitoring is a part of the threat intelligence service of Onsist. This expert knows exactly what needs to be done for a safe space for your company online. This means not only the internet, but also the dark web. With constant monitoring, they know exactly where to find hidden marketplaces and how to stop someone from selling on this marketplace. You receive monthly reports from them, so you know exactly what you invest your money in: safety online.


Does this service sound exactly like what you’re searching for, then don’t wait any longer and go to Onsist’s website! Here you find detailed information about threat intelligence in general, together with the possibility to get in touch with them and start a partnership. Good luck!


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