ESL lesson plans

Time is of great importance in the work of a foreign language teacher and tutor. More free time creates many opportunities, such as being able to tutor new learners, participating in new courses, etc. Although everyone knows that there are many benefits to speeding up work, not everyone knows how to do it. Here are some tips that could make things go faster!

A detailed lesson plan focused on the learners goals

It seems obvious but it is often overlooked in practice. Before each lesson, you have to know the topic, the methods you want to use to conduct it successfully, and above all, the lesson objective! Adult learners learn consciously i.e. their decision to learn a language is driven by specific motivations and goals. It is a good idea to clarify at the beginning of the lesson what the overall objective of the lesson is, and before each new exercise, it is a good idea to give a specific objective that relates to the practical aspects of language acquisition. It will be helpful in planning to have a concrete lesson structure to help develop the specific elements effectively. Lesson planning can be facilitated by a ESL Lesson plans, which already contains ready-made suggestions for exercises for each module of the lesson and a discussion of the skills that will be acquired by the learner.

Create your own database of materials

Do you have an idea before each lesson, but not enough time to execute it? A situation like that arises often in adult teaching, i.e. postponing lessons, can cause additional stress. Adult learners often ask for their lessons to be postponed or to organize an additional lesson as soon as possible, e.g. prior to a job interview or a business trip. In such a situation, a database of materials, that you have prepared and is ready to use at any time, comes to the rescue. This may include a ready-made lesson plan, which can be a lifeline when you need a lesson plan immediately.

Spend more time reviewing materials

Good organization of work of the teacher involves skillful time management. It is worth spending your free time verifying a ready-made lesson plan. Knowing it thoroughly will allow you to avoid possible slip-ups while teaching, and you will also gain confidence that the materials don’t have any mistakes. In this way, you will be prepared for any possible questions from your learners. The teachers excellent preparation and ability to spot mistakes are skills that adult learners value. This makes them believe that the teacher is competent and thus they see the point of their education. One of the proven ways to save time is a ready-made lesson plan from English4tutors. Set the pace of your lessons today!


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